Plushbeds return policy

As consumers, we all know the importance of a good return policy when purchasing products, especially when it comes to bigger ticket items like mattresses. This is where PlushBeds, a leading online retailer of organic and natural mattresses, excels in providing an exceptional customer experience. Their return policy is designed to give customers peace of mind, knowing that they have a safety net in case they are not satisfied with their purchase. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the PlushBeds return policy, examining the ins and outs of their process and what sets them apart from other mattress retailers.

PlushBeds is committed to providing a high-quality product to their customers, and they understand that sometimes a mattress may not be the perfect fit. Their return policy is designed to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible. With a 100-night sleep trial, customers have a generous amount of time to test out their mattress, and if they are not satisfied or experiencing

Plushbeds return policy

Plushbeds return policy: Fast & Free Shipping

Fast and free shipping is becoming an increasingly important factor for customers when making online purchases. It not only saves customers money but also time, making it an attractive option for those who want their products delivered quickly. As a business, offering fast and free shipping can give you a competitive edge and boost customer satisfaction. However, it’s important to ensure that your shipping processes are efficient and reliable to avoid delays or damage to products during transit. Additionally, providing tracking information and clear delivery estimates can help customers plan their schedules accordingly. Overall, fast and free shipping is a valuable perk that can enhance the customer experience and ultimately drive sales.


Plushbeds return policy: Estimated Shipping Times

When it comes to online shopping, customers often want to know when they can expect their purchased items to arrive. As a business owner, it’s crucial to provide accurate and transparent estimated shipping times to your customers. Setting realistic expectations can help avoid disappointment and maintain customer satisfaction. It’s also important to communicate any delays or changes in shipping times promptly to prevent frustration or confusion. Providing tracking information and regular updates on the status of the shipment can also help build trust with your customers. Overall, effective communication and transparency are key to creating a positive shopping experience for your customers.


Mattress Set-up & Removal
FedEx will deliver your order right to your front door. In order to maintain contactless delivery, our courier service will not bring package into your house at this time.

Your mattress will feature guidelines for set-up. If you have any concerns, please contact customer support at 1-888-286-3404.

Please save the initial mattress packaging materials throughout your 100 Night Sleep Trial, in case you choose to return your mattress.

Plushbeds return policy: 100 Night Mattress Sleep Trial

The 100 Night Mattress Sleep Trial is a unique offer that allows customers to test their new mattress for up to 100 nights. This trial period is designed to give customers the opportunity to experience the mattress in their home environment and determine if it meets their comfort needs. The 100 Night Mattress Sleep Trial demonstrates the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality. During the trial period, customers can return the mattress if they are not satisfied, and receive a full refund. This offer gives customers peace of mind and confidence in their purchase, as they can be assured that they are making the best decision for their sleep needs.


Put Your Mattress to a Sleep Trial
From the day your mattress gets here, you have a full 100 nights to decide if it’s right for you.

If you resemble 98% of our mattress customers, you’ll choose that a PlushBeds mattress delivers impressive convenience– even, the very best of your life. However we’ll let you come to that conclusion yourself.

We merely ask that you sleep on your PlushBeds mattress for a minimum of 30 nights to decide.

Numerous consumers fall in love with their brand-new bed mattress on the extremely opening night. For others, there’s a modification period. Your body adapted to your old bed mattress– even if it wasn’t doing favors for your spinal column or your sleep. Now it requires to adjust to superior assistance and pressure relief.

If you ordered a latex bed mattress for the very first time, you’ll experience a brand new sleep sensation. Latex is unlike any innerspring or even memory foam bed mattress. It feels more resilient and holds your spine in ideal positioning. Customers who have never slept on latex before may take a month or longer to change. During that time, your bed mattress will adjust, too. Latex foam slowly unwinds. Over a few weeks, it settles into a final firmness level.


By 30 to 60 days into your 100 Night Sleep Trial, ask yourself:

Do you alleviate into bed blissfully? Are you tossing and turning less? Do you get up feeling more refreshed with less pains and discomforts? If so, you have actually discovered your “perfect” mattress. If not, you have options.


100 Night Free In-Home Convenience Exchange
All Adult Bedroom Mattresses (Botanical Bliss, High-end Happiness, Natural Happiness and Eco Bliss) mattress orders include a complimentary convenience exchange during your trial period.

The Botanical Bliss and Natural Happiness are specially crafted with latex layers and pillow-tops that can be gotten rid of and exchanged for a different firmness level. In fact, you can switch out your existing top layer at home.

Merely call among our mattress specialists at 1-888-286-3404 and ask for a one-time comfort exchange.

If you need more assistance, demand a firmer comfort layer. If you need more cushioning, request a softer layer.

We’ll send you a brand-new leading layer of latex, entirely free with no shipping charges within the contiguous US. The exchange layer will be made from the precise same latex as your original order, however softer or firmer, depending upon your needs.

When your new leading layer arrives, unzip the cover of your bed mattress to exchange the original leading layer with the new one.

To return the original layer, bundle it in the initial box and send it back to us with the shipping label we provide.

Please keep in mind that we do request a $99 deposit on this exchange. When we get your return of the original top layer, we will fully reimburse your deposit.

In 9 out of 10 cases, accomplishing perfect convenience needs simply a minor modification– that’s why there’s the Free Convenience Exchange.

Remember that you might require 30 or more days to adapt to the brand-new convenience layer, so give it some time before you choose whether the softer or firmer latex is right for you.

Last note: Please make certain to call us for a comfort exchange prior to the end of the 100 Night Sleep Trial.


100-Night Money-Back Guarantee (Mattresses Only)
Purchasing the right quality mattress will help you to feel much better, better and more productive as a result of experiencing more rest and less discomfort.

Knowing this, we’re so entirely positive that you’ll love our PlushBeds mattress that we’ll deliver it to your house and give you 100 nights to try it out. We make certain because time you’ll find the PlushBeds sleeping experience completely superior to the sleep deprived nights you’ve grown familiar with. While many people state they loved the soothing assistance of their PlushBeds mattress from the opening night, it may take your body a couple of nights to get utilized to being so comfortable. We just ask that you sleep on your new PlushBeds bed mattress for a minimum of 30 days to enable this change to happen.

If after thirty days you decide that your PlushBeds bed mattress is not for you, you might return it to us for a full refund of your purchase price. Once we receive your bed mattress, a complete refund of the purchase price will be refunded back to you within 72 hours. Should you need assistance with returning your bed mattress, we offer a concierge bed mattress removal service for $149 * within the contiguous United States. Our experienced providers will eliminate the mattress from your bed room and transport it to a local recycling center, so there’s absolutely nothing for you to do. Any complimentary benefit items received with your bed mattress are yours to keep as a thank you for trying our mattress.

* Mattress removal cost of $149 per bed mattress eliminated.

* Extra shipping charges apply to orders beyond the adjoining United States for comfort exchanges and product returns.


General Returns Policy
Bed room mattresses, sofa mattresses, and RV bed mattress bought from featured our basic 100-Night Money-Back Guarantee return policy. Custom-made bed mattress orders are omitted.

Other products ordered through might not be qualified for returns or may just be returned brand-new and unopened. Please see the product page for the return policy related to any specific product.

All products eligible for returns must be correctly packaged to prevent damage; otherwise, surcharges might be used. Products returned soiled or with smoke damage will be returned to you in lieu of a refund.

Please connect to consumer assistance with any concerns you might have prior to purchasing, to avoid returns.

* In the event a refund is processed in any other way than through the initial processing source, a 3% original processing fee would be subtracted from the total refund.


Returning Damaged Orders
PlushBeds items are well-packaged to endure the path from our California factory to your door. We double-box lots of products and make sure that items can not be easily harmed throughout shipping.

If a product looks damaged or parts are missing out on, please alert us. We will arrange for a replacement as rapidly as possible.

Even if the package appears just somewhat damaged, write “Plan Damaged” when you sign for the delivery. This is really important. If the bundle looks considerably harmed, you may decline delivery of the bundle. The damaged plan will be returned to us and we will send you a new one. If you refuse delivery, please inform us so that we can expect the return shipment.

If you have actually already accepted the plan and find that parts are missing or harmed, please call us immediately and we will ship you the replacement parts free of charge. Speed matters given that a lot of providers only let us file freight claims within 2 days of shipment. If we can not replace the parts, we will have the carrier get the package and we will send you a replacement.

All returned items should be in the original packaging.


Canceling Orders
If you change your mind after positioning an order on the site,, please contact us immediately to cancel your order. We will release a complete refund provided your order has actually not been prepared and delivered.

We can not release a refund if you cancel a bed mattress that has been customized for you, even if it has actually not yet shipped. (These consist of tailored split mattresses and customized sizes, bought through client service.).

As soon as an order has actually delivered, it can not be canceled without sustaining shipping charges. If you decline an order that is intact, any charges deducted from your return will be in line with our basic return policy for that particular item.



In conclusion, fast and free shipping, estimated shipping times, and sleep trials have become increasingly popular among online mattress retailers. These features provide consumers with the convenience and peace of mind needed when purchasing a mattress online. With a 100-night sleep trial, customers are able to test out their new mattress in the comfort of their own home, without feeling rushed to make a decision. Additionally, fast and free shipping, along with estimated shipping times, make the purchasing and delivery process hassle-free. Overall, these features have proven to be successful in attracting and satisfying customers, making them a valuable addition to the online mattress shopping experience. Plushbeds return

Plushbeds return policypolicy.